Why you want to go to Eifel National Park!

Why do you want to go to the Eifel National Park? There is not just one good reason for that, but several good reasons! We would like to remind you of the top sights you can visit and the fun activities you can do here. Especially for lovers of nature, picturesque villages and outdoor activities Eifel National Park is an ideal destination for a short vacation or a weekend trip. Here we highlight the most important ones for you!

Vast nature around the corner!

Do you suddenly feel like getting away for a weekend? Would you like to leave things behind and recharge yourself in a beautiful and natural environment? Then National Park Eifel in Germany is ideal, because you are there in no time. It is only about an hour’s drive from the Dutch border. Because of the limited travel time you can enjoy the beautiful nature even more. Here there are no less than 110 square kilometers of nature at your feet, which you can explore in many ways!

Hiking, biking or horseback riding?

How would you like to explore the nature of National Park Eifel? There are many good signposted hiking and cycling routes that you can follow on your own. Would you like to know more about this area? Then you can also go on guided walks with a ranger. You don’t have to sign up in advance and the tours are free. During the walks you will learn all about the flora and fauna. Or explore the nature on horseback during a short tour, a day trip or a multi-day trip.

Warm welcome in the Eifel villages

Another good reason why you want to go to Eifel National Park is because you can always count on a warm welcome in the picturesque villages. A pearl among the villages around the Eifel National Park is Monschau. As soon as you step into this town, you find yourself in the atmosphere of days gone by. The authentic half-timbered houses, narrow streets and nostalgic buildings and scenes ensure this. Another village you should not miss is Heimbach. Here you can visit the Mariawald Abbey and Hengebach Castle.

The wilderness trail (4-day hike)

Follow the picture of the wild cat! The wilderness trail is an 85-kilometer hiking trail divided into 4 stages of between 18 and 25 kilometers. At some points it is possible to shorten the route slightly. During this hike you will discover the diversity of nature of the Eifel National Park. You will walk along babbling rivers, through vast meadows and deep forests. Climb hills and enjoy panoramic views. A map of the Wildnis Trail is available at one of the various National Park Gates.

Stage 1: From Höfen to Einruhr (distance 24.7 km)
Stage 2: From Einruhr to Gemünd (distance 20.5 km)
Stage 3: From Gemünd to Heimbach (distance 22.4 km)
Stage 4: From Heimbach to Hürtgengwald-Zerkall (distance 18 km)