We can open again!

Dear guests, there’s good news!

Our holiday home will reopen next Monday, May 11th for residents of Germany. Behind the scenes they are in consultation between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium from which date there will be a visit from across the border again.

We assume that this will not be long in coming, because on holiday in the Nord-Eifel brings favorable conditions due to a lot of freedom and nature.

Our state would also like to see tourism flourish here so that the Eifel is again a nice and cozy place for excursions and holidays. The restaurants, museums, animal parks, swimming pools and all hiking trails have all reopened in recent periods.

Officially, the Dutch and Belgians still have to be very patient…
As soon as the date is known on which you can come and enjoy yourselves again, we will let you know directly via our website and social media.

We comply with all government regulations so that we can start without hesitation.

Book your stay now via our website without risk.
If you book through our site we guarantee that if you are unable to come because of the rules, we will cancel the reservation free of charge so you can make a new reservation at a later time.

We look forward to seeing you in our holiday home.
Kind regards,

Fam van der Lingen
Simmerath – Dedenborn