Eifelsteig stage 03, via Holidayhouse blick auf Dedenborn

Eifelsteig stage three runs from the timber-framed village of Monschau to Einruhr am Obersee
You continue on through the romantic alleyways of Monschau, timber frames wherever you look, finely carved doors and little bridges over the Rur. Pack a few cookies in your rucksack for along the way and then off you go! The Rur, which rushes through the old clothmakers’ town into the valley, is your constant companion today. First, you hike up to the heights – from the “Kierberg” Eifel view you look back at Monschau one last time before delving into the forest. The trail continues to rise and fall until you are greeted by the glittering waters of the Perlenbachtalsperre dam. The walk along the banks is thoroughly relaxing and the climb to Monschau-Höfen is quite easy to complete. At Nationalparktor Höfen, you can find out about the wild daffodils of Eifel and take a little break at the café. You will notice something in Höfen. Beech hedges as tall as houses, some with windows and doorways cut into them. Are the people here trying to hide? No, but they are seeking protection – from the strong winds that blow up here. The hedges not only protect the houses; along the way you will notice that the high hedges appear again and again in the fields, giving you a sense of security.
A constant rise and fall then leads you along the Eifelsteig. A comforting gushing accompanies you – you hike along by the Rur again in the direction of the destination for this stage. It twists and winds through the rocky forest and has to overcome the odd hurdle along the way. You feel connected to the little river because you are also following this rocky path. Your stamina is rewarded with views along the way. One special tip is the view from the Perdsley in autumn: a bright red leaf canopy reveals itself and radiates down onto you! The view from Wolfshügel shows you your destination: Einruhr. Here, up on the heights, you get a feeling of loftiness as well as a growing sense of pride, because you have nearly done it. And your trusty companion, the Rur, has reached its destination. It joins other little streams in the Obersee and seems to happily smile back at you from the sparkling surface of the water.
At the destination in Einruhr, one thing is sure: “Where water and rock accompany you” – whoever thought up the motto for the Eifelsteig must have hiked this stage!


bron: https://www.eifelsteig.de/a-eifelsteig-etappe-3